About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting! Back many years ago in grad school, I started my own website out of an interest to learn about HTML and web design. It soon became my outlet to share my favorite pictures and other interests and I’ve kept it going to the current day—-finally giving it a little format update in recent years.

As for a little history about me, I am originally from Mississippi where I studied anthropology and French at the University of Southern Mississippi. During that time, I got involved in helping support the international students at the college through a campus Christian organization and eventually also became one myself as I studied a semester abroad in France. All these experiences of cross-cultural adjustment had a big impact on my future. After completing a master’s in anthropology at McGill University in Montreal, I ended up relocating to Atlanta in 1999 to work in refugee resettlement, welcoming newly arriving families at a faith-based organization called World Relief. I have now lived in the Atlanta metro area for more than twenty years and have centered most of my career, church, and personal life within the refugee community there.

You can find more about my studies and community on my site, but the main focus is on currently my other hobbies and interests. I love to get the chance to travel and have maintained a particular interest in France and French culture. I am a scifi geek, especially of certain long-running TV shows, and I also like listening to a wide variety of music. My thoughts and comments on a lot of these can be found here. Hope you enjoy….